About My Practice....

LeeAnneI first felt called to midwifery in in 80's, when I was in my early twenties. I was newly pregnant and after a previous traumatic hospital experience when I had a miscarriage I was certain that there had to be a better way to have a baby. At first I was sceptical--midwives didn't really still exist, did they? Once I ascertained that yes, midwives did indeed still exist and still helped women give birth with dignity and respect I was intrigued. The more I read the more I could not stop reading! Before long I was sure. I not only wanted to have my baby with a midwife, I wanted to BE a midwife! Training was not as simple as making the initial decision. We temporarily lived in a state in the NE that aggressively persecuted and prosecuted midwives. I was blessed, however, to be able to claim Texas with some of the best midwifery laws in the land at that time as my home state, so we moved back home so I could follow my dream, getting back to a land of sunshine, open hugs and great Tex-Mex...but especially midwifery.

After training, I caught babies, had babies, caught some more babies, had some more babies. I was thrilled and fulfilled to be satisfying my two greatest desires of being a mother and attending births. Unfortunately, though, it proved increasingly difficult to raise a young family with the unpredictable schedule of a midwife. It hit me one day that living in the city of Houston I could probably open the phone book and find hundreds of people who could provide competent care to women and babies but that MY children only had one mother. It became clear to me where my priorities needed to be, so in the mid 90's after several years of struggle I made the difficult decision to quit midwifery to remain home with my young children, thankful for the opportunities I had had to be involved with women but resolved to move on and not look back.

God had different plans for me, though, and after several years at home doing "mommy stuff" a friend approached me in 2003 about serving as her midwife. I was initially sceptical, but promised to prayerfully consider her request. After much prayer I committed to attending her birth. It was a good thing that she approached me early in her pregnancy for it took nearly every minute of her pregnancy to fulfill the requirements of the state to become "legal" again! I was thrilled to be able to attend births again and thankful to God for having allowed me the opportunity to return to midwifery. I have continued to attend births, as my home situation has changed with the years, allowing me to better blend home and professional life so that I may tend to my clients with a clear conscience.

Through the years as the technical details of my practice has changed, I have found that my philosophy has changed as well. When I first began practicing it was with all the fervor of an idealist. There was a right and a wrong way to have a baby. A "best way" to labor and deliver, and then to parent a baby. My practice was driven by that ideal, while I little realized that to be rigid about homebirth and midwifery was no less putting women in a box than the rigid approach to obstetrics that I had taken such a principled stand against! Thankfully age and having plenty of babies myself did much to cause me to gain a new focus. My approach now is that my role is not to be the lone protector of traditional childbirth. I see my role now as one of education and advocation. Instead of considering myself successful if a women delivers her baby the way that *I* think is best, I feel that I have succeeded if a women knows and is well versed in her options and empowered to make decisions. When I can help a women have her baby in the way that she chooses, then I have done my job well.

I still have a small, limited practice because I do still have children in the home. I live in Waller and thus primarily attend births in NW Houston, the Brazos Valley and surrounding communities...Cypress, College Station, Hempstead, Spring and other areas. I do most prenatal visits in the homes of my clients but hope to have office space available to me soon in my home to allow me the flexibility to see clients here as well. I have flexible payment plans and can file with many insurance plans as well.